Describe the training and development methods you would use to improve employee morale, motivation, and to reduce attrition.

please use unite states sources
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MT203M4-4: Describe training methods for improving employee performance.GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within your field of study.Introduction: Using the appropriate training anddevelopment methods can have significant effects on employee performanceand the success or failure of a company. Similarly, ethics also canimpact how employees and the company are perceived, which can ultimatelyaffect the success of the organization.Read the scenario and address the checklist items regarding employee training, development, and ethics.Scenario: The technology company you work for hashad difficulties resulting from expert employees leaving the companyafter only 6 months to a year of employment. This turnover has causedclient software projects to not be completed as scheduled. The CEO hasturned to you as the HR director to find out what is wrong and torecommend a remedy. You do some initial investigations only to find thatthe salaried, full-time employees at this level of expertise areworking 60 hours a week or more on a regular basis. You are concernednot only for the business implications of this attrition problem but theethical implications.Checklist:Describe the company’s problem in your own words from a business and ethical perspective.Choosing one of the ethical approaches, describe what ethical approach you would use for the development of these employees and explain why.Describe the training and development methods you would use toimprove employee morale, motivation, and to reduce attrition. Includetwo specific examples that improve employee morale, motivation, andreduce attrition.