Describe using at least two stylistic terms, four formal elements, and three principles of design

You’ve seen so many artworks on your computer screen – now it’s time to experience the real thing! First, choose a local museum (refer to the south Florida museum list in the Student Toolbox (see below)- and if you’re outside of the area, please contact your professor to get approval on your local museum). Prepare yourself before you visit, making sure to read the museum policies, open hours, and admission information (there are often discounts for students or certain days when admission is reduced). Enjoy your time experiencing the art, and choose 2-3 works that you will write about. Most museums will allow you to take pictures (with no flash) and take notes with a pencil (no pen) but check their policies first.TopicFor each work:List the title, artist (or culture), and dateIdentify the medium and its qualitiesDescribe using at least two stylistic terms, four formal elements, and three principles of designInterpret what you think the work is about and share your response to the workDo not do any online research for this paper. If there is information present in the museum, you may refer to that, but do not use quotes in this paper. This is a formal analysis, informed by your knowledge of art gained this semester. Trust your eyes and what you’ve learned!GradingThis paper will be graded on content, not length. That being said, the museum paper must be at least 600 words (this is about two pages in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced), and this minimum word count must be met to earn full points.
You may choose from these museum options:BrowardNSU Art MuseumPalm BeachBoca Raton Museum of ArtNorton Museum of ArtDadePérez Art Museum MiamiMuseum of Contemporary Art North MiamiLowe Art Museum