describe your experience and reflections on the 2020 presidential election.

Please write a 3-5 page paper on the topic described below. Your paper should be well written and punctuation and grammar count so please proofread and spell-check. This is not a research paper but rather an analysis paper. I will grade you on the quality and completeness of your analysis.Your Paper is due on Sunday, January 30, but you have until the end of the semester to submit your paper in Canvas in the Assignment section. If you submit your paper by January 30, you will receive a bonus of 5 points.Paper DescriptionWe just had a dramatic presidential election year. In the first half of your paper, please describe your experience and reflections onthe 2020 presidential election. Did you follow the election? Did you tune it out? What are your thoughts on both candidates?Explain your viewpoints and how you experienced the election.In the second half of your paper, I want you to analyze your political socialization. Include an analysis of the various agents of socialization (family, religion, media, peers, etc.) and what impact these agents have on your political viewpoints.