Describe your willingness or not to embrace this suggestion, giving reasons behind your decision.

You arerequired to provide a thread in response to the weekly module readingassignment and provided questions. The thread must be between 200-250words in length and demonstrate course-related knowledge by including atleast 1 reference to the course textbook and/or other scholarly sourcesin current APA format. In addition to the thread, you are required toreply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be between 100-200words in length. References are not required for your replies; however,you must cite any sources you use in current APA format.
Please complete the following Module/Week 5 textbook reading assignment(s):
Principles of Accounting Volume I: Financial Accounting
Chapters 9 & 10Youtube”
Topic: Inventory Valuation Errors
Purpose: Thepurpose of this forum is to challenge you to explain and demonstratethe impact of inventory valuation errors on the income statement andbalance sheet.
Thread:Based on the textbook reading this week you will consider whatnoncurrent assets are and how they affect a business. You may refer tothe textbook inorder to complete this forum. The question for this forum also comesfrom your textbook and can be located in the PDF version as ThoughtProvoker question TP5 or can also be found by question has also been provided in this forum for ease of access.Consider what you have learned this week and answer the following:
Consider the dilemma you mightsomeday face if you are the CFO of a company that is struggling tosatisfy investors, creditors, stockholders, and internal companymanagers. All of these financial statement users are clamoring forhigher profits and more net assets (also known as equity). If at somepoint, you suddenly found yourself not meeting the internal and externalearnings and equity targets that these parties expect, you wouldprobably search for some way to make the financial statements lookbetter. What if your boss, the CEO, suggested that maybe you should makejust one simple journal entry to record all the goods that your companyis holding on consignment, as if that significant amount of goods wereowned by your company? She might say that this action on your part wouldfix a lot of problems at once, since adding the consigned goods tomerchandise inventory would simultaneously increase net assets on thebalance sheet and increase net income on the income statement (since itwould decrease cost of goods sold).How would you respond to thisrequest? Describe your willingness or not to embrace this suggestion,giving reasons behind your decision. Remember to exercise diplomacy,even if you must dissent from the opinion of a supervisor. Note that thechallenge of the assignment is to keep your integrity intact while alsokeeping your job, if possible.
Using appropriate footnote citation format, include at least: (a) one reference from the readings or videos and (b) at least one reference from a business publication that is listed at in your initial thread. All of these publications are freely available to you in electronic format.
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