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I need someone to go into canvas and finish it for me please. It is about human development. Question is: Option 2: Please go to the following website (Links to an external site.) and read the article by Gunjan Sihan. T Describe what is meant by, Susceptibility is not inevitability. How were ideas from behavioral genetics used to explain the failure of welfare programs? In light of the above statement (Susceptibility is not inevitability), how should these ideas be modified? What does this mean for welfare programs? Although the monkeys Jim and George had the same transporter gene, they behaved quite differently. Why did researchers think these monkeys acted so differently? What could have been done to prevent Georges alcoholism? According to a study by Moffit and Caspi, what made people carrying the short-versions of the transporter gene more likely to become depressed? If you knew you had this version of the gene, would you behave differently?

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