Develop a mini-marketing plan for OpenAI’s API (OpenAI’s first commercial product).

Develop a mini-marketing plan for OpenAI’s API (OpenAI’s first commercial product). Please check about the product and the company. Please feel free to use any other publicly accessible sources of information (including the databases via the UMB Library) for this marketing plan. Marketing Plan Template Executive Summary (25-50 words) Highlight the key points of your marketing plans Situation Analysis (150-200 words) Briefly describe the background of the company (OpenAI). Identify the key factors regarding the company’s internal and external situations. What are the challenges and opportunities ahead for the company? Marketing Objectives (25-50 words) Present SMART marketing objectives: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. Marketing Strategy (300-400 words) Target Market of OpenAI’s API: Define and describe your target market (s) clearly. Provide the rationale of your targeting strategy. Positioning: Include a positioning statement. Proposed Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion Implementation (50-100 words) List the timeline of progress/action program over the period of the marketing campaign (e.g., when does it start and end?) A calendar of main events/milestones may be included. Budgeting and Break-even Analysis (100-150 words) Present the marketing budget and the breakdown for the marketing actions. Forecast the sales units/revenue in a break-even analysis. Campaign Evaluation (25-50 words) How is performance toward the stated objectives going to be measured? Bibliography & Footnote (required) Use footnotes in the text when appropriate. Identify all sources of information used to create the marketing plan and place them in a bibliography at the end of the report. Citation style follows the Modern Language Association (MLA) guideline ( Examples can be found via the link here. Appendix (if needed) Include any relevant explanatory or illustrative materials, such as graphics, charts, and tables.