Develop an alternative solution for addressing the identified problem

Marathon Petroleum finds itself witha decision that could potentially propel the conglomerate ahead of itscompetitors or dive headlong into a more complicated position. The uppermanagement at Marathon Petroleum believe the preservation of the threecomponents, refinery, midstream, and retail, is essential to keeping thecompany on a successful trajectory into the future. The existing positiverelationships between stakeholders and supply chain would become jeopardized bythe splitting of the corporation. However, Elliott Management Corporation(Elliott) proposed the idea that Marathon should split their downstreamoperations into three separate entities. This split would allow each of thesubsidiaries to perform in their specific industries and create newopportunities to outperform their competition. These potential decisions arecreating a dilemma for Marathon Petroleum on whether they listen to Elliott’shedge fund or stick with their internal decision makers. However, theopportunity for Marathon Petroleum to split and become successful has happenednumerous times in the past and have been successful business decisions.