Developing Longer Papers: a review and overview

Developing Longer Papers: a review and overviewBackground: You might think that a Macomb student is billions of intellectual light years from writing something that might appear in any Ivy League publication. But you’d be wrong. An MCC student had an important essay tentatively accepted by Hechinger Report, a publication of an Ivy League school.Her paper Download Her paperstarted when she was dissatisfied with the topics offered in her ENGL 1190 class. With her prof’s encouragement, she decided to write about the coronavirus pandemic. Building on Anyon’s work, she wanted to know if going online was a viable option for community college students. To do this, she found a relationship between income levels for MCC students and the rates of broadband access, and “device” ownership that go with those income levels. She made a shocking discovery: about 21% of students in community colleges lacked the needed broadband and/or computer access.But the student went farther. She collaborated with two other students, one from a large public research university (Arizona State University) and the other from a small private college (Vassar College). She found comparable information that strengthened her claim about social class and education.But . . . there was a problem: the paper was too long. It was over 2,000 words, almost twice what Hechinger Reportallowed. To cut the paper to publishable size, she cut the sections about ASU and Vassar. Both sections were removed. Your task will be to restore those sections of the paper by doing the following:UNDERSTANDING THE “THEY SAY” TO WHICH SHE RESPONDED (TEQ Sheets)Read the most recent draft of the student’s paper Download the most recent draft of the student’s paper. Pay close attention to which parts are “they say,” which are “I say,” and which are “we say.”Create a TEQ Sheet for her paper. Pay close attention to how and where she makes her claim.Create a TEQ Sheet for the data/facts she collected about Arizona State University and Vassar.For additional information about doing these TEQ Sheets, see the Assignment TEQ Sheets: review and final draftPURPOSE & PROBLEM STATEMENTWrite a Purpose & Problem Statement for your paper the integrates the deleted material (#3) into a longer paper.Emphasize the problems that will become the paper’ CLAIM.For additional information about this Purpose & Problem Statement, see the Assignment The Purpose & Problem Statement: review and final draftPROSPECTUSWrite a Prospectus for YOUR paper. Use the student’s claim.For additional information about this Prospectus, see the Assignment, The Prospectus: review and final draft .PAPERRe-write the student’s paper so that it regains what was lost in the removal of the Vassar and the Arizona State University content. Note that her paper is currently about 1,000 words. You will wisely expand the paper in the appropriate places to include the Vassar and ASU information.You will directly use the student’s paper; in this case, you are like a co-author, so there is not a question about plagiarism.The combination of her document and the restored sections will be a single paperThe final paper should be about 2,000 words long.The final paper will be worth 200 points