Did the film clip and pictures help the audience understand the message?

Watch this speech and answer the following questions:
Here are the questions to answer:Did the film clip and pictures help the audience understand the message? Help the audience remember the message? Make the speech more impactful?Could you follow the structure of the speech?Were the solutions well formed?Did the lack of fluency in her delivery hinder her overall credibility as a speaker? Did it enhance it?Did it appear that she had previously practiced with your visual aids? How did this affect the speech?


Discuss the assigned topic by comparing, contrasting,
and synthesizing a variety of course materials by different authors.

Write an informational research essay about the pros and cons of single sex schooling in high schools and colleges.

Compare and Contrast the similarities and differences in High School life, and college life, What are the similarities, and what are the differences between them both.

Identify the leadership style needed in the medical field.

What values seem important to the company or industry based on their actions as summarized in the article?

Explain to your reader the point of this connection (what do you hope to learn/teach about your self, how you use language, think/speak about food with others, your culture, the influence of food and/or language on culture, ect.)

Identify areas requiring special emphasis during the audit and potential problem areas.

Why is cultural relativity not only difficult to achieve but also not necessarily always the “best” answer to our dilemmas?

Identify how you think this story/ritual shows Athena or Poseidon as overlapping Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Hades, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, OR Ares in terms of their spheres of influence.

Describe the desired outcomes of the group, whether the resolution of the individual problems of group members or the accomplishment of a community development task.