Did the researcher offer suggestions for further research or applications?

Resource: Silvestri, R. (n.d.). Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy. DOAJ. https://doaj.org/article/a70c4a4dc6804416855500a6050e74b0Write a paper APA style summarizing and critiquing the articlea. Opening statementb. In 2-3 paragraphs summaries the articlesi. At a minimum this should include a brief summary of what was already knowii. What constructs were studyiii. How were the constructs defined and measured1. Operational definitionsiv. What were the hypothesesv. How were the hypotheses testedvi. Who were the participants1. Were there any special requirement for participationvii. What approach did the study employ1. Experimental2. Correlational3. Prediction (Regression)viii. How did the researcher control any extraneous variables of alternateexplanations?ix. What were the results of the study?1. Were they consistent with the predictions (the hypotheses)x. How did the researcher interpreted the results?xi. Did the researcher offer suggestions for further research or applications?c. Critiquei. Style1. Was the material presented clearlyCOURSE-XXX Syllabus, TERM YEAR page 17/292. Were the topics logically connected? (see Aristotle for what is logical)3. Were the hypotheses clearly stated?ii. Content1. Were the goals of the study accomplished?a. FYI the goal can be accomplished even if the hypotheses test fail2. Were the results clearly related back to the hypotheses?3. Was the population appropriate for the goals of the study?4. Were the measures adequate?5. Were appropriate conclusions draw from the data?6. Did you find flaws in the procedure/research design?a. Address in terms of internal and external validity7. How did the results relate to the studies cited in the articlesintroduction section?8. Can you think of logical (empirically sound) alternative explanations?d. Contributions to the fieldi. Do the finds constitute new knowledge to add the existing knowledge in thefield of psychology?1. This can include expanding on previous ideas, applying the ideas in adifferent context, applying the ideas to a different samplegroup/population.ii. How do the findings tie in to previous material covered in the textbook,instructor or both?iii. Can you provide additional suggestions or applications of the current findings?iv. What could you do to find out more about this specific research topic?e. Closing paragraphi. Closing summaries are more than “well mmm yeah”