Disability in Society

Assignment: Disability in SocietyRationale: This assignment will allow students to analyze how society experiences “disability” as it is portrayed in film. The ways in which individuals and groups are portrayed in popular media can have a profound effect on how they are viewed by society at large. There are popular films that show the triumphs and challenges of individuals with disabilities. Many of those representations are accurate, many are inaccurate, and some are even offensive. Their inclusion in this course is intended to stimulate discussion and should by no means be considered an endorsement of their accuracy or appropriateness.Directions: View a movie of your choice about a person with a disability. Write a thorough review using the guidelines provided. Some recommendations include:• Like Stars on Earth• Temple Grandin• I am Sam• Fly Away• Radio• If I Had Wings• Simon Birch• Nell• The Heart is a Lonely Hunter• Little Man Tate• Wonder
The movie review must include:• Movie information (title, director, year produced)• Name and description of the disability portrayed in the movie• General information about the disability, and the needs that usually pertain to it• Describe the challenges and difficulties which the individual has or had to overcome• Describe the problems that emerged along the way regarding family relationships, education, social life, and occupational endeavors• Describe the strategies used by the individual to cope with challenges and stresses pertaining to the disability• Describe how peers, parents, professionals, and the community supported or hindered this individual in their development and pursuit of life goals• Evaluate what can be learned from this individual’s experience and your personal reaction to the experience of seeing the movie• Describe how this experience will impact your future practice in creating an inclusive classroom