Discovery of the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of cell lines

▪ The written assignment should provide the following information in 2 pages:o Sufficientbackgroundontheareaofinteresto Summary of pivotal studies (minimum of 2 studies, maximum of 4) related to thefield. Note that the studies must be primary research articles (i.e., publications from peer-reviewed journals that contain the following sections: an abstract, background/introduction, methods, results, discussion/conclusions)▪ A conclusion regarding how the field has advanced/what has been gained recently, ifanything at all (if no recent advancements, please indicate this in your conclusions and specify whether this is a hindrance)
Notes▪ Do not simply quote direct passages from the articles you find but instead paraphrase as you summarize and compare/contrast the studieso A direct quote longer than 2-3 words will result in a failing grade on the assignment—you must paraphrase, this is an important skill to build now.▪ You may include tables and figures as needed in an appendix at the end of your bibliography but this will not count toward the page limitNote: inclusion of tables and figures must include a full citation of where you found the information in a caption and will not count toward the required page limit▪ When citing sources you are required to use either the AMA or Chicago reference format (not both!).▪ Up to 10 references are expected (the minimum number of references to include is 7)o Why“somany”references?Inactuality,thisisnotalotofreferences.Nevertheless, the reason for the range is to ensure you are conducting fair review of resources to expand your knowledge regarding the topic selected. In science and medicine, there are diverse studies within a given area and several conflicting opinions. As a result, it is important to have an objective understanding to further your knowledgeo Acceptable sources to cite, in addition to the peer-review literature:▪ Newspaper articles, government websites, books, and peer-reviewscientific articles (i.e., reviews, primary research) ▪ Additional formatting that is required includes:o 12 point Calibri or Times New Roman or Arial fonto Single space the documento 1-inch margins all the way around the pageo References should be cited using AMA or Chicago style o Only Word files or pdf acceptedGrading rubricBelow is the rubric that will be used to score your assignment. Please be sure to review the rubric chart at least twice—once prior to beginning research for your topic and then again before you submit your topic so you can confirm that you have addressed and included everything that is needed.
Notes:– As mentioned in the instructions above, do not include verbatim quotes—paraphrase in your own words, if you need help, reach out (inclusion of quotes longer than two words will result in a 5-point penalty—it is very important to master paraphrasing)– Be sure to include in-text citations that are either in AMA or Chicago style—chose one reference format, not both (see reference documents in the “Written Assignments Guidance” folder on Canvas; failure to include in-text citations will result in a 5-point penalty)– Detected plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment.