Discriminationat work against Blacks

Assignment: For this assignment you will write a thesis-driven essay that explores a particular social issue arising from our readings.In order to receive a passing grade your essay must include the following:1) A clear statement of the thesis in the introductory paragraph.2) An overarching discussion that you develop throughout the essay.3) A detailed engagement with at least two of the course readings listed below, usingthese readings to support your thesis and discussion.4) Statement of counter-thesis and refutation of counter-thesis.5) A conclusion that sums up your discussion.You must select at least two readings from the following list:• Amin Ghaziani, “Lesbian Geographies (Chapter 27)• Sinikka Elliot & Megan Reid, “The Superstrong Black Mother” (Chapter 30)• Sarah Bowen et.al. “The Joy of Cooking?” (Chapter 31)• Evelyn Nakano Glenn, “Split Household, Small Producer and Dual …” (iLearn)• Jennifer Silva, “Working-Class Growing Pains” (Chapter 32)• Cedric Herring, “Is Job Discrimination Dead?” (iLearn)• Gerald Davis, “American Cronyism: How Executive Networks…” (iLearn)• Tomaskovic & Warren, Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling”(Chapter 13)• Sarah Lageson, “Digital Punishment’s Tangled Web” (Chapter 14)• Jessi Streib “Marrying Across Class Lines” (Chapter 33)• Viewpoints: After Gay Marriage Equality Forum (Chapter 34)• Janice McCabe, “Friends with Academic Benefits” (Chapter 37)• T. Jimenez and A. Horowitz, “Whitewashing Academic Mediocrity” (Chapter 38)• Hilary Friedman, “Tiger Girls on the Soccer Field” (Chapter 8)• Simon Williams, “Our Hard Day’s Night” (Chapter 10)• Watson, “MacDonald’s in Hong Kong” (iLearn)• Lareau, “Concerted Cultivation” (iLearn)
You are welcome to use other course readings in your paper (including those on iLearn and in your text) as an addition to the above list, not as a substitution.Important Note: In formulating your thesis you will rely extensively on the readings listed above. While I understand some summary of the text is unavoidable, I urge you to focus on selecting and using specific points raised in the texts to advance your own analysis instead of summarizing the piece in its entirety.Format: Please follow the directions for formatting the paper.1) The paper should be 4-5 pages, (1200-1300 words), 12pt. font.2) Include page numbers for the paper.3) Give your paper a title.4) Use proper ASA citations for all sources.5) Include a reference page using ASA format.Grading Criteria: This paper is worth 20% of your final course grade.