Discuss a topic of your choice that is of importance.

Problem and solution essay: In this type of expository essay, the writer must shed light on a specific social problem and write a thorough breakdown of valid potential solutions.What needs to be done:Discuss a topic of your choice that is of importance. Explain the topic, provide its history, and how it impacts societyUse at least 1-2 theories from the DSS 100 to support your topic. You can use any theory or a combination of theories to support your topic. Incorporate content from the DSS 100 into the essay by explaining the situation from a theoretical perspective, defining the theory, and using your topic as an example. 2-3 pages not including title page and resources.This is the first essay in the course. Therefore, the focus is on writing structure, organization and grammar. Student’s learn the necessary components and structure of a strong introduction, clear thesis, appropriate supporting detail, and memorable conclusion. In developing the supporting detail, students will learn how to evaluate evidence for relevance and quality. Throughout the essay, a topic, problem, question or issue must be identified and summarized. The main points must be supported with reputable, academic sources.