Discuss about nicotine epidemic in youth with a lack of mental health resources.

This paper is technically an oppenent paper to my current persuasive research paper which has a thesis based on the fact that the use of vaping negatively affects not only physical health but more importantly the mental health of young adults. For my oppentant paper ( this paper) i want to use a counter arguement thesis stating that if there was more mental health resources available to people the vaping issue would go away. please Cite at least 3 scholarly articles i have provided some for you to use if you think they work ! You’ll choose the readership of a particular publication as your audience. please still write in the genre of a college research paper. choose your evidence, reasons, and rhetorical strategies based on what would persuade that audience. You can use the audience of a source you found in your research. the audience will need to know about the discourse already taking place and how i might be advancing it. Give a brief description of the conversation taking place about your topic (a literature review) and how your argument fits in. for the lit review 2-4 paragraphs suffice.