Discuss about the Black lives Matter movement.

Discuss about the Black lives Matter movement. It is a theoretical framework that shows theories and concepts related to the topic.1. The structure of the essay is based on a given introduction: (You must revise and use this introduction in the essay:On social media platforms likeTwitter is common to see tweets about politics, sports, and memes forentertainment. But, in 2013 a new hashtag called #BlackLivesMatter sparked morethan a few likes and retweets since it created a social movement of globalproportions in the last 8 years. The hashtag became a massive call for AfricanAmericans to fight against the impunity of police brutality and systematicracism. For the three black women that founded the movement, it became clearthat the use of non-violent protests and social media campaigns will cause amassive change to the problem of color blindness in America. As part of theHispanic community, I greatly support the fight against racial inequality andthe purpose of my project will be to explore the ideology and tactics that areused by the BLM movement to spark social change in America.2. A literature review as body paragraphs of the given sources and you must find 2 additional sources and include them in the final product. Don’t forget to give at least 3 to 4 citations from each source.Sources:1. BowmanWilliams, J., Mezey, N., & Singh, L. (2021, June 8). #BlackLivesMatter-Gettingfrom contemporary social movements to structural change. SSRN. RetrievedSeptember 22, 2021, from https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3860435.2. Nummi, J., Jennings, C., & Feagin,J. (2019). #BlackLivesMatter: Innovative Black Resistance. Sociological Forum,34, 1042–1064.3. Barbara, R. (2018). MakingAll Black Lives Matter : Reimagining Freedom in the Twenty-First Century.University of California Press.4. You must find 2 additional sources and give a literature review with 4 citations and include them in the final product.
3. List and paraphrase theories and concepts that you will use in your analysis, with a brief explanation of each (structural oppression, discrimination, the “isms,” ideology, hegemony,power/knowledge, etc.). The concepts can be found on the following powerpoints that are located on the supporting documents of this order. Do not copy word by word just paraphrase them.4. Make a reference list of the sources at the end of the essay.