Discuss and demonstrate professional demeanor in your writing and critical thought throughout your paper.

This signature assignment fulfills the Master’s in Social WorkProgram Learning Outcome #2: Engage Diversity and Difference in Practice andProgram Learning Outcome #3 Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic andEnvironmental Justice.This assignment is an opportunity to pull together all you have learnedin this course. The ability to assess and intervene on behalf of a clientinvolves multiple layers. Select one of two videos provided in week 8 in theBlackboard course (content is the same in each – social worker and client aredifferent). The video highlights the opening of a 2nd session. Thepresenting problem is that the client is experiencing grief and depressionafter a sudden loss. In practice, you would be able to gather informationdirectly from the client. The two videos areidentical in content. However, thescenario is intentionally vague presenting the opportunity for you to begin tocreate a fictional client and social worker scenario as you sort throughvarious assessment tools including intersectionality, suicidal prevention andassessment, substance use disorder, cognitive-behavior therapy strategies andmotivational interviewing.Video1 Link: https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/2406131/uiconf_id/43535851/entry_id/0_y4t2akht/embed/dynamicVideo2 Link:https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/2406131/uiconf_id/43535851/entry_id/0_5qm6uk1j/embed/dynamicYou will write an 8-10 page (not including title andreference pages)Paper will be written in the active voice and APAformatted.Your paper should be free of spelling, punctuation, andgrammar errors.Be sure to provide in-text citations when referring tosources.ANY words from a direct source must either beparaphrased or quoted with a citation provided.All citations must align with references.Include headings for each section as listedbelow.Be sure to completely and thoroughly complete all partsof each section.Discuss and demonstrate professional demeanor in your writing andcritical thought throughout your paper.Refer to the APA and Writing Resources folder locatedin the course information section for more guidance on paper structure andformatting.Youshould review the rubric before writing your paper.
Paper HeadingsThis Paper includes all the following sections:1. Introduction: Provide an introduction of the client and social worker throughthe lens of intersectionality, cultural diversity and difference based on theselected video scenario. In order to provide a thorough introduction readthe instructions of this assignment first. You may even choose to write thissection last.
2.IntersectionalityAssessment of Clienta.Provide an assessment ofintersecting factors for the client addressing social location, identity,political power structures, structural oppression, economic and environmentalpower structures. Be creative. Little to no demographic information is providedin the video and normally you would learn what you need to know in a session.This is an opportunity to consider how intersectionality applies in practice.In preparation for future sessions what might be important to consider if youwere the social worker? What are the intersections that may need to beaddressed in future sessions? If this client was from your state, maybe evenyour city, what are key areas of power, privilege, and oppression that need tobe taken into consideration? (Include a minimum of 4 references).
3.IntersectionalityAssessment of Social Workera.Provide an assessment ofintersecting factors for the social worker addressing social location,identity, political power structures, structural oppression, economic andenvironmental power structures. Be creative. This is an opportunity to considerhow intersectionality applies in practice. In preparation for future sessionswhat might be important to consider if you were the social worker whendemonstrating self-awareness? What are the intersections that may need to beaddressed in session? What might be key areas of power, privilege, andoppression that need to be taken into consideration? How might the socialworker demonstrate cultural humility? How might personal biases and values impactworking with this client? (Include a minimum of 4 in-text citations withcorresponding references at the end of the paper)
4.PresentingClient Concerns: Provide an overview ofthe presenting client concerns through the lens of intersectionality,cultural diversity and difference addressing the following,a.Suicidal Ideation: Theclient touches on feelings of suicidal ideation. How would you address thisconcern in future sessions? (Include a minimum of 2 in-text citations withcorresponding references at the end of the paper).
b. Substance Use Disorder: The client touchesbeginning use of an opioid. How would you address this concern in futuresessions? (Include a minimum of 2 in-text citations with correspondingreferences at the end of the paper)
5.CBTor MI Theoretical Assessment & Intervention: Select either suicidal ideation or substance usedisorder and provide either a CBT assessment or a Motivational Interviewassessment and intervention plan for this client. Make sure to address issuesrelated to intersectionality, cultural diversity and difference. (Include aminimum of 4 in-text citations with corresponding references at the end of thepaper)
Conclusion: Providea conclusion pulling together the aspects of this paper and how the socialworker might proceed in the next session