Discuss how social constructionism relates to communication studies.

Discussion Board Purpose and Requirements: Students will complete class discussions via the discussion board forum to facilitate interaction amongst classmates, and to stimulate thought-provoking engagement about course material. Each prompt will require students to read the course text and outside sources to complete the work. All initial posts (answers to the prompt) should be at least 500 words (unless otherwise specified in the prompt) and submitted no later than Friday with proper APA formatting and citations. Reply posts will be posted no later than Sunday and be at least 250 words in length.Discussion Prompt: Each week we will explore concepts from the course reading and topics to engage with one another in a discussion. After finishing the course reading answer the prompt below:1. What is social constructionism (the social construction of reality)? Provide a clear explanation of this theory.2. Discuss how social constructionism relates to communication studies.3. Provide a scholarly opinion of social constructionism and constructivist approach to communication.4. Share one communication research study (provide the citation and the abstract in your post) that relates to social constructionism. Provide a discussion about the study and its relevance to communication.