Discuss how songs of protest speak out against the ills of society.

Discuss how songs of protest speak out against the ills of society. Provide examples. How might a song of protest arise in Gilead? What would it be? You can add the song ofprotest of your own. Is like you connect it to the handmaids Tale. Include a works cited page. Grading for this work will be tighter. It is important that you fully read your work, proofread for spelling and grammar. Make sure that your in-text citations are correct and that the Works Cited page is properly formatted.
Used one page to answer these question.
This week you will read the next three sections of A Handmaid’s Tale, sections VII, VIII, IX. (pages 103-147). As you read, continue to annotate on Perusall.com. Ask questions of the text. Make observations. Engage with the words. Offred is trying desperately to maintain her sanity and find a way to survive in this new world. Notice how Atwood intersperses the past and the present. What do the reflections reveal about Offred? What are the events and people from her past that help her to survive? How does Atwood use imagery to heighten the tension in the story? What do you think Offred means when she writes, “But this is wrong, nobody dies from lack of sex. It’s lack of love that we die from” (Atwood 103).
This week you will submit a Discussion Post. The question for the post this week will be to create an analogy betweenthe world of Gilead and today’s society. What commonality can you point to?
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SAMPLE LIST OF PROTEST SONGSBeatles. RevolutionBrown, James. Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m ProudCooke, Sam. A Change is Gonna ComeGaye, Marvin. Inner City BluesGrand Master Flash. The MessageHeron, Gil Scott. The Revolution Will Not be TelevisedHoliday, Billie. Strange FruitMarley, Bob. Get Up, Stand UpNWA. F &%#K the PolicePrince. Dr. Mr. ManPublic Enemy. Fight the PowerSimone, Nina. Four Women“I Am Not My Hair,” by India Arie“Respect” by Aretha Franklin