Discuss how United States’ Aid to Mexico on the War on Drugs.

My comment to the professor “Good afternoon Professor, I have attached my assignment. However, I would like to express my intent / data I wish to use / examine on here (since I am not the best writer). I would like to examine to what extent has Mexico capitalized on US aid provided to the country in its war on drugs. The various information I wish to examine is what has the Merida Initiative helped with, training / exercises conducted between US and Mexican police and military forces, technology implemented, intelligence sharing, and show numbers on various issues that people have been affected by the war on drugs (i.e. mental disorders, diseases, etc.). I would appreciate all the help I can get. I am very passionate on this subject, especially since I have grown up in San Diego, crossed into Mexico and have felt the difference before the declaration on the war on drugs vice when it officially kicked off. I apologize if I did not express it appropriately within the document. Thank you Professor, have a good day.”
1. Start your assignment with an introductory paragraph about your research topic and why it is of interest and a research “puzzle”. End your paragraph with your research question.While there are many ways to frame a research question, at the graduate level, your research questions should be 1) open-ended and start with “How,” “Why,” “What,” or “To what extent;” 2) should incorporate the variables you seek to assess and their relationship; and 3) should indicate how you intend to test the nature of that relationship. You want to make sure that your question has an appropriate amount of complexity so that it requires a significant amount of research and analysis. A simple Google search should not be able to answer your research question.3. You also need to include a preliminary design statement that identifies how you intend to carry out said research. This will allow you to get feedback early on from your thesis professor to help ensure that you are working towards the development of a solid research design. Your design statement needs to go beyond the unhelpful “this paper will use qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods research.” You need to be specific about the kind of data you will need to collect in order to answer your research question and note a specific method or set of methods you intend to use when carrying out this research.4. Finally you will need to include a references page that contains at least 8 sources, 6 of which must be from peer-reviewed journals. These sources must be referenced within the body of your assignment. Please consult the Turabian Style Guide for the correct format for your citation. Use Turabian References format. Just be consistent!!Your Assignment due at the end of Week 2 will be a refined version of this exercise after you have received feedback and guidance from your faculty member.
EXAMPLEToo broad: How can personal ambition in politics be harmful?Too narrow: What is Vladimir Putin’s position on ballistic missile defense?Too vague: What is Vladimir Putin’s “operational code?”Appropriately Complex and Focused: To what extent has Vladimir Putin been motivated by a drive for power compared to his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, and how has Putin’s personal ambitions shaped Russia’s relations with the United States?2. Next, provide a purpose statement that conveys your intentions about what you hope to produce. See the reference in your Lessons and review that it will usually be prefaced by some phrase like the following: “This paper examines . . .,” “The aim of this paper is to . . .,” or “The purpose of this essay is to . . .”. Remember that a purpose statement makes a promise to the reader about the development of the argument but does not preview the particular conclusions that the writer has drawn. Your purpose statement should demonstrate what you are hoping to find out, and also explain what you want your readers to understand (motivation or argument of the research).