Discuss how you experienced this grief in detail and what you found helpful to you and what was not.

Let me know if there are any pages of the text that I can send. I was going to write about a college boyfriend that OD’d. I literally have no time to do this. Maybe mention things of types of grief, etc? The class is The Psychology of Grief
AssignmentThe Topic: Select a loss that had a major impact on you (personally speaking): a death, an illness, a divorce. It can be any situation that resulted in YOU experiencing the grief/mourning process. Using your books, class notes, and other resources describe your experience and how it impacted you. Discuss how you experienced this grief in detail and what you found helpful to you and what was not. This paper is designed to help you understand the families you serve, and to understand the universality of the grief process. NOTE: If you do not feel you have a personal experience you can write about, please contact me so we can discuss this project.Use references from Worden/Canine/Class Notes (additional resources may be used as well) and BE SURE to cite the resources within the text of the paper and include a references page (your references page DOES NOT count towards the 3 page minimum). Use correct formatting for your citation and references, which can be found at: http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/index.aspx. This link also includes great tips on puncutation, grammar, and writing style.This paper should be at least three full pages in length and no more than six pages, double spaced, 12 point, New Times Roman font, a cover page (again this page does not count towards the page length either), standard 1 inch margins (I will be checking this, and it counts towards your final grade!). Please submit your paper directly in this “drop-box” as an attached word document or PDF. The grading of this paper will include content, proper essay structure/style, grammar, spelling, and application of knowledge (see grading rubric below). This paper is worth 20% of your final grade.Note: these papers are “for my eyes only” and will not be shared with ANYONE but myself, so you can be certain that confidentiality will be held 100%–papers submitted in this drop-box cannot be viewed by anyone but myself.You will not be graded, in any way, on “how severe” your loss was, but, rather, on the application of knowledge (i.e. taking what we have learned this term and applying it to a “real life” situation), along with the other areas noted below in the grading rubric.Grading Rubric:Content/Application of Knowledge: ____/20 (i.e. what you write about in the paper and HOW you relate it to what we have covered throughout this term–you MUST connect your experience to the course content–just discussing your loss does not constitute application of knowledge).Grammar/Spelling: ____/4 (i.e. correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and all that this entails–PLEASE use spell-check/grammar-check on Word as well as double-checking, editing, revising your paper yourself! While I realize you are not working towards a PhD, you are still in a program for an advanced degree, so I expect your papers to be free from spelling errors with minimal grammatical errors!).Style: ____/8 (i.e. Can I read what you have written easily? Does the paper “flow” well, or is it awkawrdly worded? Did you follow the above requirements for the “set-up” of the paper? Is the paper written in an Academic Format, free from excessive slang, contractions, and does it include both an appropriate introduction and conclusion?)References/In-Text Citations: ____/2 (i.e. there must be “in-text” citations–see the link I provided above for further clarification if needed–and a “References” page at the end of the paper listing all resources used in your paper–the power-points can be used as a reference for this assignment).Three Page Minium: ____/1 (i.e. did you fill 3 full pages of text–even 2 1/2 pages does not meet this requirement and “portions” of points can be lost on this).Total: ____/35(This will be translated to a percentage and entered as such in the gradebook).You will also receive an explaination of your grade / review of your paper along after I enter your grade for the assignment.THE CONTENT OF THIS PAPER SHOULD BE ORIGINAL MATERIAL. RESUBMITTED A PAPER FOR MULTIPLE CLASSES IS CONSIDERED SELF-PLAGAIRISM AND CAN RESULT IN ANY OF THE DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS OUTLINED IN THE PIMS ONLINE POLICY STATEMENT.