.Discuss if the same test can be applied to restrictive clause concerning matters of regulatory nature(as in Wouters case).

Although Article 101 TFEU prohibits anti-competitive agreements between firms. Discuss whether the same test can be applied to restrictive clauses concerning matters of regulatory nature, such as in the case Wouters If not, why?. this is the topic once again.This is instead the number of reference of the case used as one of the main sources.Case C-309/99 Wouters and Others v Algemene Raad van de Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten, EU:C:2002:98. The essay should be written in 1/2 spaced, 12 times new roman. the number of pages is between 5-8, table of contents and bibliography are excluded. The notes must be written according to the OSCOLA.This essay should also be presented orally, so the structure must not be too complicated and of difficult understanding.important: AVOID PLAGIARISM.5-6 of sources is sufficient. it is important using primary sources as well.