Discuss other issues associated with the Three Strikes Law such as the lack of uniformity, how it applies to non-violent drug offenses, etc.

The section following the “Executive Summary” should be titled “Context and Importance of the Problem”. In this section of the paper, you should provide statistics to illustrate the severity of the problem associated with the Three Strikes Law to the reader. You should point to the alarming number of people, especially minorities, that are disproportionality impacted by this policy by providing several simple statistics. Additionally, you should discuss other issues associated with the Three Strikes Law such as the lack of uniformity, how it applies to non-violent drug offenses, etc. Also, this section of the paper should be called “Context and Importance of the Problem”. I am looking forward to reading your research paper draft!).
All of the main headings for the paper should be bolded. For the “Pre-Existing Policies” section you should explain the idea of mandatory minimums (pretend that the reader does not know what this means) and the specific sentences imposed for the third felony (e.g., 25 years to life). For the “Policy Options” section, you should be discussing the alternatives to the three-strikes law sentencing strategy (e.g., Second Chances, repealing the law, giving judges more discretion with sentencing, not applying the law to non-violent and drug offenders, etc.). The paragraphs in your “Research” section are extremely long. You should separate that section into much short paragraphs that are roughly 6 sentences and use transitions to make the text flow smoothly. For your “Policy Recommendations” section, you need to provide a detailed and convincing proposal of how the failings of the current policy approach need to change. You need to be specific in providing the practical steps or measures that need to be implemented and emphasize the importance of action. Some things to think about: (1) uniformity in the way that the law is applied, (2) Rehabilitation/help with employment and housing for offenders that are at higher risk to recidivate, (3) the availability of education programs for ex-felons (e.g., educational, vocational, trade), and (4) the law should not apply to non-violent crimes in an effort to free up the prison/court system and reduce incarceration rates. Furthermore, you should spend some time discussing where the funding for these recommendations will come from. Furthermore, in-text citations should only list the authors last name and year of publication. Your reference page needs attention (titles in sentence case, missing “Retrieved from” links or DOI numbers, some citations missing volume, issue, and page numbers, etc.). Lastly, please proofread your paper for consistency, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.