Discuss the case provided below and prepare a hiring and selection case paper.

Discuss the case provided below and prepare a hiring and selection case paper. This is your opportunity to apply all the lessons learned in this course.
Hiring and Selection Case
Ron supervises three operations at ACME Company – filling, packing, and labeling. He was promoted from within the organization. Last week, Ron informed his operations manager Dan that he was resigning for a better-paying job and one that is closer to his residence. Ron gave Dan a month’s notice and offered to onboard the new supervisor.
Each operation is staffed with a crew of lowly-skilled employees but with long tenure and decent pay. Over the course of their employment, they have formed a bond and an informal leader has surfaced from each crew. Ron is facing several operational issues. Employee motivation has been diminished. Morale is low, and absenteeism is at 10%. Overtime rate has risen to 20%. Employees perceive obvious favoritism and unfair labor practices. The productivity numbers are way below standard, and product returns have risen. Each crew seems to work as an island, and intergroup conflict is brewing. Communication is hampered by conflict, indifference, and alienation. Among the groups, Ron has identified two new college graduates as his potential successor; however, the groups especially the informal leaders have not accepted them completely. Therefore, neither can expect a warm welcome from employees who may be passed over for the promotion. Dan is thinking of recruiting outside candidates for the position. This person must be fit for the job and quickly address the issues facing the operations.
You are tasked to hire and select the best candidate for the job. Apply all the organizational behavior theories and concepts you have learned over the past few weeks.
Research and present the following requirements:
Job description – List all the job information, qualifications, and responsibilities suitable for this position.
Recruitment plan – Design how to draw the best applicants for this job including advertising, job posting, and any incentives.
Selection process – Use an effective method for narrowing down the list for and selecting the best applicant.
Interview Questionnaire – Prepare a list of questions that will be asked during the interview process.You are also free to use tools outside of the course, such as Google Docs, Yammer, etc. if you choose to do so.