Discuss the existing research on how others have attempted to solve the problem.

Paper’s focus: Creating (and promoting) an incentive program that will push consumers to purchase locally grown food; reducing food miles and expressing why the process is important to the community
Each student will prepare a term paper on a topic related to their discipline using 5-10 scholarly sources and at least 3 pages. Students will be asked to submit an initial draft that will be reviewed by a peer a prior to submitting a final paper for my review. The final draft must include:A cover sheet with the students’ name, date, title, and state the citation style used (you must use either APA, MLA ).The text of the paper, which must be at least 3 pages long, includesAn introduction that clearly defines the problem you are addressing, discusses why it is an significant problem, and concludes with a thesis statement that alludes to the organization of the paperParagraphs, organized thematically, that discuss the existing research on how others have attempted to solve the problem.Scholarly sources that are synthesized throughout the paper and are well-described and critiqued when appropriate.Transitions that allow paragraphs to flow together easily.A conclusion that provides an overall analysis of what we can conclude from the of body of research your presented.A reference (or work cited) page.A grammatically correct, professional paper (Don’t forget to remove any comments from prior peer reviews!)