Discuss the founding of Islam

Discuss the founding of Islam. Make sure to fully explore the basic beliefs of the Islamic religion, the role of Muhammad and his role in the development of the Islamic faith. In addition, completely explain the five pillars of Islam and it’s role in Islamic culture? Did the Quran define Islamic culture and society or did other influences such as the Shari’a and/or Hadith dictate the lives of Muslims. Explain. Finally, explain how the Arabian culture and not the Quran restricted the lives of all Muslims especially women. Do not use all internet sources to write this paper. You must use secondary and / or primary sources to write this paper. the standard essay/research paper format, which includes an introduction with a thesis, the body of the paper (main themes and arguments) and a conclusion. essay must answer the question analytically and with a thesis statement that focus on the student’s position. (Introduction). Student must answer each prompt of the question thoroughly and provide supporting data for each point. (Body of the paper: main themes and arguments) The essay should be written as if the reader is not the professor and is not familiar with the topic chosen