Discuss The Lasting effects of Residential Schools on Indigenous People in Canada.

The topic of my research paper is “The Lasting effects of Residential Schools on Indigenous Peoples in Canada”. I would like to emphasize this paper is about Indigenous Peoples in Canada. There is no need for big words or phrases, as I am a very simple writer and don’t want anyone to notice a difference. I need a very simple paper. I need a total of 5 scholarly sources (journal articles). I will provide one source in the form of a PDF pages attached with this submission so all you have to do is include 4 scholarly sources of your own. Be sure to include a lot of information from the pages I attached. Inclusion of personal perspective is allowed in this research paper, so be sure to include words like “I” and personal perspective on the topic. Be sure to include the criminal justice perspective in this paper. Also, be sure to show arguments/various perspectives on the topic. The paper should end with a recommendation, thought-provoking questions, or an overall conclusion.
Some points to add in the paper-
Why were residential schools created?When was the first and last residential school in Canada?How was the residential school created?How has the Indian Residential School become intergenerational?