Discuss the organization’s history, mission, and vision.

Locate a professional organization that you might join in your future career. Choose an organization that has at least one publication associated with it, whether that is a newsletter or a scholarly journal.The biggest organization for English teachers is the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), but there are other national, regional, and local professional organizations for language arts educators.In 500-750 words:Discuss the organization’s history, mission, and vision.Select one of the publications that the organization offers. Review the most recent two to three issues of the selected publication and provide a brief overview of its content. You may not have access to the full articles as subscriptions may be required, use the title page and abstract to get an idea of the types of content in the publication.Explain what the content says about the priorities and values of the organization, as well as your field.Explain how the organization and its publication(s) might be useful to you in your career.