Discuss the professional opportunities available in the global health field.

Title pageHealth Impact Framework/Research PaperChosen TopicStudent NameDelaware Technical Community CollegeNUR 310 Global HealthInstructor NameDateIntroduction of the chosen topic (with evidence):Provide a comprehensive introduction to the topic (you do not need an abstract).Please remember this is a World Health paper, not a pathophysiology paper.All citations must be in APA format.Application of the chosen topic to the Health Impact Pyramid (Frieden, 2010):Provide a brief introduction to the Health Impact Pyramid itself so that your reader(s) understand the framework upon which you are addressing the issue.Using the Health Impact Pyramid (HIP) as a framework to guide your writing (see the pre-assignment reading requirement and chart p.4 attached), provide an analysis of your topic within the context of the following tiers of the HIP:Socioeconomic FactorsChanging the Context to Make Individuals’ Default Decisions Healthy*Long-Lasting Protective InterventionsClinical InterventionsCounseling and Education (include the role of the nurse as well as health behavior change theory)*Recommended future interventions to address the topic (can include your ideas or leading experts in the field)All citations must be in APA format.Culture & Health Beliefs are covered in week 6. It is expected that you will include the impact of culture and health beliefs as it relates to your topic in your Health Impact Framework Paper.Discuss the professional opportunities available in the global health field.Review some of the many different pathways to a career in global health.References (in APA format)