Discuss the role of foreign direct investment in the economy of developing countries.

Discuss the role of foreign direct investment in the economy of developing countries.1. Term homework/paper / project is research that should be prepared and presented bygraduate students.2. If necessary, try to narrow down your topic.3. The resources of the information and citations should be indicated according to APA 6 rules.4. You are expected to put forward the basic concepts of your subject, emphasize its place andimportance in the general framework, and make evaluations by specifying the areas of use within aholistic perspective within your topic’s framework. It is important to mention the cause-and-effectrelationships and the contributions and conveniences of the subject. It will be healthy to emphasizethe applications that make a difference and to support their returns with a literature survey.5. It would be useful to elaborate international practices of the subject within your study and toindicate the importance of your research question(s) and your suggestions at the end of your study.6. You would submit a Word file of your study to the instructor 2 days prior to your presentation.You can forward your presentation (PowerPoint) file one day before the course (flexible for firstweek presentations).7. The rules for writing the text of the project should be based on our university’s guide and APA 6rules. Times New Roman can be written in the main text. Contrary to the general rules, margins canbe a maximum of 2.5 cm to use space more efficiently.8. For guidelines on leveling headlines, differentiating and visualizing the main and subheadings inthe text, refer to the guidelines in Article 7.9. The project to be prepared should comply with the advised general structure presented below:Outer Cover (1 page, below, see also University thesis writing guide)Table of Contents (1-2 pages)List of Tables and FiguresAbstract and Keywords (1 page)Introduction and Purpose (1-2 pages)General Information and Literature (8-10 pages)Details of your Research Design and Model & Theoretical Framework & Methods and Data (2-4pages) (in empirical studies)Findings (2-5 pages) (in empirical studies)Results and Suggestions (1-2 pages)References (at least 40 sources)Attachments (if applicable)Resume (1 page, optional)Your entire project can be up to 50 pages (including home pages and attachments, subject to changeaccording to your font size and space adjustments).10. Prepare your presentation file in a structure that is based on transfer knowledge with keywordsand tables/figures instead of long texts. Presentations should be carried out by the team memberswith equal roles. This will be taken into account during grading.