Discuss the ethical implications of this proposal from the VP of Operations.

lagerism Write a 2000-word report based on the provided (AssessmentInstructions.pdf) context scenario, financial information and ratios. Conduct apeer analysis of a competitor company of your choosing and the given case studycompany. Consider all relevant financial principles, concepts and theories.Conduct the necessary financial analysis using appropriate techniques, toolsand frameworks. Make decisions and recommendations based on the analysis andconsider ethical implications and limitations.
Write a report for the management team that addresses points1 to 5 below:
1.Comment on the performance trends for currentratio and return on total assets of AL Pty Ltd using the ratios provided andnoting 2020 was impacted by COVID-19 lock-downs. AL Pty Ltd operates in thefurniture retail industry. Choose another company in the same industry,preferably a publicly listed company with easy access to the required relevantfinancial information. Using the DuPont Method, provide a critical analysis ofAL Pty Ltd’s Return on Equity performance for the last 5 years relative to thecompetitor you have chosen. Please complete the analysis using publiclyavailable data for the competitor (e.g. IBISWorld and/or annual reports).
2.Comment on the view taken by the VP ofOperations that the company should be increasing stock level and opening newstores. Take into account all key finance principles, concepts and theorieswhich are relevant. Also, 2020 was not a good year for AL Pty Ltd and 2021started quite slow with the business seeing a large number of returns offurniture (refunds). The VP of Operations has proposed that these refunds beposted in the 2022 results to give some breathing space for 2021. Discuss theethical implications of this proposal from the VP of Operations.
3.One of the suggestions from the CEO is toconsider floating the company to raise capital. Evaluate the pros and cons oflisting the company and becoming public.
4.Identify and discuss the limitations of youranalysis.
5.Based on your analysis and discussion, makerecommendations as to whether AL Pty Ltd should continue on the same trajectoryand whether listing the company would be beneficial. Suggest other alternativegrowth options for the company as well.
Plagerism Report Required.Report Should be written in AIB Report Template. See PDFattached.References should be given in AIB Style Format. See PDFattached.The assignment must satisfy all the requirements specified inInstructions above and Rubric (See PDF attached)A formula Sheet has been given and additional data has beenprovided. See PDF attached.