Discuss what biological anthropologists do

Meets these learning objectives:Define biological anthropologyDiscuss what biological anthropologists doBefore writing your introduction, watch the two videos from the Week 1 Module
an introduction that includes the following:Based on these three sources, what do you think is the purpose of biological anthropology? What are biological anthropologists trying to do? How do they go about doing it? What does it seem like some of the challenges or difficulties are when doing biological anthropology?Next, describe any particular or specific interests you have in anthropology. If you don’t know anything at all about anthropology, that’s okay. There’s no particular answer I’m looking for here.Explain your reasons for taking this course. If it’s just that you needed a class for Goal 10, that’s still a reason. There are no wrong answers.Tell us your major/program.End with a description of two interesting facts about yourself. Everybody has a few things about them that are interesting in some way.