Discuss what you have learned and applied, how you have improved your communication and leadership, and what you still need to learn.

You cannot use other people to help you. Answer each question with an essay about 3 pages long (750 words). These essays need to be unique and substantive. Do not just cut and paste in an answer from previously submitted work: Write an original answer. Discuss what you have learned and applied, how you have improved your communication and leadership, and what you still need to learn.
Your responses should be submitted as a single Word document rather than multiple documents.
NOTE: One of the goals of our Master’s program is the development of a framework for ethical conduct. In that spirit, it is your ethical responsibility to keep these questions, and your answers, confidential from other students.
Essay structure should be as follows:A. For each essay please state the question followed by your response.B. Introduce the thesis of the essay and three to five main supporting subtopics.C. Discuss each subtopic. Organize by ideas, not by sources quoted. Individually restate the subtopics and develop each by giving supporting information.D. The final paragraph should restate the main thesis idea and reminds the reader of the main supporting ideas that were developed.
SourcesUse your own words–no direct quotations please. Do cite all sources of information. Please make sure you use APA cites and an APA reference at least three recent, peer-reviewed journal articles from communication studies for each answer. Provide the reference list at the end of each essay. Each answer’s reference list needs to have three unique journal articles. You also can also use academic/scholarly communication textbooks, but no Internet, no popular press/trade book, and no magazine/trade journal sources permitted.
1. A number of political and organizational ethics scandals have emerged in recent years. Select a recent ethics scandal and develop a one-to-two page case study using at least three news sources about the event. Develop five questions to go along with the case study that would help students using the case study come to a greater understanding of ethical principles learned in CA505 and other classes. Also include the answers to the questions along with a discussion of how this case study/questions reflects your own set of ethical standards for behavior in an organization.
2. Today’s organizations face a variety of stressors ranging from fluctuating regulatory standards to a poor economy. Select an organization you have worked for and evaluate how well they dealt with change while you were there. To do so, first describe the organization and the change it faced. Identify what they did well and did poorly in their change efforts, and suggest alternative behaviors. In writing your answer, you will want to reference a variety of communication theories that address interpersonal relationships, development of messages, organizational communication, and even mediated communication as well as theories dedicated directly to organizational change. Finally, include a brief discussion of how the theories you selected apply to your everyday life as well as to organizational change.


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