Discuss women’s health from a historical, cultural, political, social, economic, physical, mental, and personal perspective.

Discuss women’s health from a historical, cultural, political, social, economic, physical, mental,and personal perspective. For each of the eight aforementioned areas, you should create a subsection with at least two examples from the course textbook, our in-class discussions, or thewellness assessments to support your ideas within that sub section. Indicate why each exampleyou provide is meaningful to you, as you have examined women’s health throughout thesemester. Also indicated how your own cultural biases, belief, and values influence theexamples you’ve selected. Be sure to use APA style in-text citations in the body of your paperand cite your sources in a References section at the end of the paper. (5 points for each of theeight sections – historical, cultural, political, social, economic, physical, mental, and personal).
Discuss the behavior you identified earlier this semester that you need to change to improveyour current health. Explain why changing this particular behavior is a priority by using theassessment information you obtained through our course assignments. Also, answer thefollowing questions in your discussion:1. What has your experience been like as you take steps to achieve this particular goal?2. If reaching this goal is proving to be a challenge, discuss how this feels and how you planto move forward.3. Have you attempted to change this behavior in the past without success? If so, what didyou try to do differently this time? Did it work? Explain. 4. What are some barriers you might face if you attempted to change this behavior outsideof your own culture?5. How might changing this behavior affect other women or people around you?
Find at least TWO credible articles (from a website, organization, and/or peer-reviewed journal)that discuss changing the behavior you have identified. See handouts on credible sources onthe college library page.• You should select two articles from different sources.• Summarize each article separately with facts that support changing the behavior.Include any statistics, tips, or strategies from the article about the health benefits ofchanging this behavior.• Be sure you cite your sources in a reference section at the end of this assignment. Allcitations must be in APA format. Visit the library website and select Citing Sources formore information on APA format.
Plan of Action (10 points)Discuss what is next in your personal wellness journey and how has this course helped you indetermining what your next steps should be. List at least five action steps you will take tochange the identified behavior. Present your action steps clearly and concisely. Remember thataction steps are not things you will avoid, limit, or stop doing to support your behaviorchange. Action steps are things you plan to do and they are specific in the behavior changeprocess.
Reflection (10 points)1. Prior to beginning this course discuss the values, opinions or biases you had in connection towomen’s health or the behavior you chose to work on? (3 points)2. Discuss any gender biases or sociocultural differences that were evident in your research ofthe behavior. (3 points) 3. How do you think the behavior you chose impacted women 50 or more years ago? Supportyour response with information you have learned about women’s health during this course. (3points)4. What is your final thought or “take away” for women? (1 pointprovided is what is required for my paperNew Dimensions in Women’s Health, Eighth EditionAlexander, LaRosa, Bader, Garfield (Jones and Bartlett Publishers)This is the text book I am using