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Each question to be answered APA style 150 words per question Lecture: MERS is another coronavirus that emerged recently and suddenly in the human population. What is MERS? What does it stand for? When was the last time cases of MERS were reported in the United States? (Zyoud, et al., 2016) Reference: Zyoud S. H. (2016). Global research trends of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus: a bibliometric analysis. BMC infectious diseases, 16, 255. Lab: What role do macrophages play in the immune response? Are they involved in the primary or secondary response? Are they specific for certain pathogens, or are they generic cells that respond to all types of invading organisms? (Elhelu, 1983) Reference: Elhelu M. A. (1983). The role of macrophages in immunology. Journal of the National Medical Association, 75(3), 314–317.