Discussion: Legal & Ethical issues in Prescribing Psychotropic medications

Each student chooses from one of the topics below to review and discuss the legal and ethical considerations of prescribing psychotropics with your group, cite your sources in APA style. Your post should be concise and summarize your points not exceeding five paragraphs. You may upload your articles as attachments to share with the group; however, do not submit your discussion post as an attachment as it makes it difficult to follow your posts and grade the discussion board.
1. Informed consent and involuntary administration2. Off label prescribing practices3. Prescribing for yourself, coworkers, friends, peers, family members4. Prescribing for children, adolescents5. Prescribing for pregnant women6. Prescribing for elderly7. Prescribing for individuals with substance use disorders8. Malingering (related to psychotropic medications)