Discussion Post – Psychology

The topic should be somewhat controversial in nature (similar to the “opinion” prompts I have been giving you each week), but of course there is some subjectivity in that regard. The topics need not be covered extensively in the textbook , and so long as you are able to relate it back to the field of lifespan psychology.
Please VIew Textbook attachment. Read the chapter I have chosen. I want to focus on Chapter 8 MiddleAdulthood specifically Midlife Crisis . Please find one other controversial outside source that focuses onMIDLIFE CRISIS site both the text book and your chosen source.
What is your topic? (Midlife Crisis)Which stage(s) of development does this topic primarily impact?What drew you to this specific topic and what is the chief “debate” surrounding this topic?What is your personal opinion on the topic?What is one question you have for the class (including me!) about this topic or a specific element of your topic that you are interested in soliciting an opinion?