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Chapter15: Final SPOILER: Make sure you read the powerpoint slides BEFOREattempting this discussion. The slides will tell you to watch a shortfilm clip around Part IV. Please do so at that time (You can also findthe film clip in the Course Videos folder under Modules). After watchingthe video, you will then complete a “Semi-Assessment” (found in theassignment folder or in the Module 6 folder. You will see bothSemi-Assessment A or Semi-Assessment B, but take the one thatcorresponds to your name). The semi-assessment will ask you somequestions about a short film clip in the slides. If you have not seenthe film or taken the assessment yet, please do so before posting yourdiscussion input here. Read no further until you do so, as theinformation below will give you a SPOILER about the film and theassessment).For question 5 on the assessment (“In miles per hour, about how fastwas the Taxi driver going when he ____ the other car?”), how fast didyou say the taxi was going? Were you in the “hit” or the “smashed into”group? (Those with first names A through M got the “hit” version.Everyone else got “smashed into”). 1). Compare your answer with othergroup members—did the wording of the question seem to influence youranswer to this question? What about some of the other “leading”questions in the assessment? (e.g. “Which car ran the red light?” “Wasthe animal that crossed the road moments before the accident a dog or acat?” “Was the windshield completely shattered or just cracked near thedriver’s side mirror?”). Did you tend to answer in the way the questionsled you, even though there was no red light, no animal, and no crackedmirror? 2). Explain why people might remember seeing things they didn’tactually see when they are asked such questions. 3). Does thisdemonstration change the way you would listen to testimony and considereyewitness interviews in a trial if you were a juror? How so? In yourfollow up comment, make sure to highlight #1 above – compare andcontrast with at least one other group member! You will receive 5 pointsfor completing the semi-assessment, and 10 points for completing thisdiscussion (5 points original comment and 5 points for the follow-up),so make sure you do both!