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Please respond to the initial discussion questions below and provide different responses for the two students (XXX and XXX) posts below. The format should look like the request below. Again, please provide three different responses. PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT RESPONSES. The INITIAL and the 2 STUDENTS. PLEASE DO NOT JUST RESPOND TO THE 2 STUDENT RESPONSES

Note: Please make sure you create a flow chart

Initial post:
Think of an analytical problem you want to solve by runing some statistical test. Create a flow chart of how would you aproach a solution for it. Add a resource that illustrate the issue you introduce.

Give thoughtful feedback to at least two of your colleagues on their original post and add a resouce to back up your feedbacks or comments.

Jesse’s post:
An example I can think of for an analytical problem that I want to solve using a statistical test is finding out if McDonald’s is better/healthier than Shake Shack (or any other fast food place). So now in order to know what we are comparing in the two burger places, we must look at the calories, fat, and carbs of a meal in each restaurant. Now in order to compare these two restaurants, we must use an ANOVA test. A good way to perform an ANOVA test is using R or Python. Usually, the significance level is 0.05. Here is the flow chart that I made:

Screenshot 2022-09-09 204740-1.PNG.jpg

Gorina, A. (2021, December 15). Statistically better burger – Anastasia Gorina. Medium. Retrieved September 9, 2022, from https://medium.com/@a.i.gorina/statistically-better-burger-f3f266b97381

Eliana’s post:
The analytic problem I would like to solve is work related. I currently manage a team for three hospitals that financially clear patients for their appointments. These hospitals all have different volumes on a daily basis. I want to know whether there is a relationship between hospital volume and employee productivity.