Do people write in similar ways in their native language versus a second language?

j First, pose a research question that is related to one of the chapters from Bad Ideas About Writing that you or your classmate summarized.Next, use Park’s library databases to find at least four (4) high-quality sources that help answer your research question. (Your chapter from Bad Ideas may count as one source.) Read each source closely and carefully, using the tips for reading academic articles presented in class.Next, write a short summary (about 150-200 words) of each source, and create an MLA Works Cited entry for each source. Use the tips for writing summaries presented in class.Finally, compile your summaries into an annotated bibliography that includes an introduction that explains your research question and a conclusion that addresses your research findings.Sample research questions include:Why do so many high schools teach the five-paragraph essay?What techniques can be used to overcome writers block?Does grading writing help students improve?Is the writing process linear, and is it the same for everyone?What is the role of imposter syndrome in writing, and do all writers face imposter syndrome?Do people write in similar ways in their native language versus a second language?Is there such a thing as “proper English”?Requirements and SpecificationsThe ultimate “deliverable” of this assignment is a written annotated bibliography of at least four (4) sources. Your instructor will offer examples of annotated bibliographies and tips for how to create one.Your annotated bibliography should include an introduction that describes your research questions and a conclusion that offers your findings on the topic, as informed by your research.In our next unit, you will expand your annotated bibliography so that it has at least eight (8) total sources.This draft of your annotated bibliography will probably be between about 1000-1200 words total, including your introduction and conclusion. As always, quality is more important than quantity.Use MLA guidelines for source citation and document design.Sample annotated bibliographies are available here and here.What Will I Learn From Completing This Assignment?This assignment is designed to help you learn several concepts. First and foremost, creating your annotated bibliography will help you learn how to pose a meaningful research question about writing concepts. Through research, you will see what writing scholars and others have learned about your topic, so that you can come to informed conclusions about that subject.Secondly, this assignment will require you to practice locating, evaluating, reading, interpreting, and summarizing high-quality sources. This is an essential skill for academic writers, and a key practice of academic integrity.Finally, the annotated bibliography is a very common genre of academic writing. As you move ahead in your major, you may be asked to create an annotated bibliography before designing a research study or composing a research paper. So, this assignment will provide practice in this genre that you will probably encounter again very soon.Grading & AssessmentThe first draft of each MWA is evaluated for completion only: if you complete the draft as assigned, you will earn full credit. You will also receive specific feedback and suggestions to consider as you revise your MWA for the second draft, which is graded on quality. See the rubric below for specific information.