Do you believe Fairy Tales supports feminism or perpetuates sexism?

Research Argument/Critical Analysis Essay.QUESTION: Do you believe Fairy Tales supports feminism or perpetuates sexism? Why or why not.INSTRUCTIONS:This is a RESEARCH ARGUMENT/CRITICAL ANALYSIS essay assignment.Your ARGUMENT means you will take a stance: feminist or sexist. Use either or both of the following essays (Readings 5 and 6 in Course Materials) to support your stance and your counter argument. Argument essays include a counter argument.Your ANALYSIS must included evidence that supports your stance. Use specific fairy tale character(s)* and/or motifs that support your argument.*Must use fairy tales / fairy tale character(s) from readings provided: Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Vasalisa.ESSAY REQUIREMENTS:1. 2 – 3 pages + works cited page2. Must be an ESSAY with a minimum of 5 paragraphs. Intro paragraph (with thesis statement), at least 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.3. Must use a minimum of 4 resourcesi. 4 Surprisingly Feminist Fairy Tale Tropes by Eliza Castile (5.)ii. 5 Fairy Tale Tropes that Perpetuate Sexism by Suzannah Weiss.(6.)iii. You must seek out another article to support your stance.iv. You must use one of the fairy tale readings providedv. The Uses of Enchantantment by Bruno Bettelheim is optional4. MLA FORMAT5. MUST BE ATTACHED as a PDF or word document. PDF preferred. If you write a text submission or attach Pages – you will be given a 0.6. YOU MUST REFERENCE readings 5 and 6TIPS:Review the rubric.Use the WRITING RESOURCES provided in Course MaterialsPROOF/EDIT your work. C.U.P.S.


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