Do you think men and women enact the prescribed leader behaviors differently?

Assignment Instructions:Question prompt requirement:Choose at least TWO questions from the list below to create your reflection.You’re welcome to pick any combination of two questions or sub-question prompts that you would like!If you’re having trouble reaching the minimum word count, you’re welcome to respond to more than two questions.Length requirement:500 words minimum (excluding question prompts).Citation requirement:Include a minimum of THREE (3) APA in-text citations from the week’s materials (e.g., readings, videos, etc.) to provide sufficient support.Header requirement: At the top of your reflection assignment submission, please include the following THREE pieces of information:The due date.The question prompts that you are responding to.The total word count (excluding question prompts in this final tally).Question Prompts:One key to Adaptive Leadership is that the leader helps their followers adapt to a changing context. Identify an adaptive leader in your life…Which of the five (5) adaptive leadership behaviors did the leader use and how did this impact you and/or other followers?Do you think men and women enact the prescribed leader behaviors differently?If so, how?Where do you draw the line between “protecting voices from below” and giving a platform to chronic complainers in an organization?Complete the Adaptive Leadership Questionnaire (ALQ) yourself (note: the ALQ is found at the end of chapter 11 in the Northouse textbook). Then, have at least two (2) friends, co-workers, or teammates complete it about you!Now, compare your self-ratings to others’ ratings of your behaviors – how does their average score compare to your self-assessed score for each behavior?Discuss how knowing your behavioral strengths and growth areas might assist you in a leadership situation.Which of the behavioral skills in Adaptive Leadership is hardest to develop, why?Below are the links on this week reading materials