Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens – Full Debate

Your module one discussion must address the debate on Theism and Atheism. You are required to view the video Theism and Atheism for this assignment.Writing: You must use proper academic English. Please be very careful to review your work before you submit it. Review the writing requirements in your syllabus.1. You are required to do a minimum of a 400-word summary on the speech. This is a minimum. You must summarize the debate, all of it not simply a portion. (50 points).2. Your summary MUST contain the video citation (timestamp) on those major points you address. For example, (3:55-4:00) Blair addresses the compatibility of Science and Religion. (10 points)3. You are required to respond to one other classmate with a minimum of 100 words. (40 points)