Does that matter if we are keeping high professional standards for everyone?
Balancing, Week 4: Prenatal Resources Assignment
At the end of the slideshow, there is a list of resources for prenatal massage. Explore those pages, read through their blog posts and resources. Write up a summary of the information you discovered and why it was interesting or relevant to you. Even if you do not see yourself working with this population, have an open mind to explore these resources and let us know what you think.
Prenatal Massage Training & Certification
Balancing, Week 6: Communications Ethics Assignment
Read the attached article on broken trust. While this person’s experience may be an extreme case and not of the norm, it does highlight underlying issues that come with crossing professional boundaries.Reflect on the quote from the article from Ben Benjamin:“Bodywork, by its very nature, violates the normal boundary that exists between most people. Once this boundary has been crossed, it is easy to imagine that maintaining a clear separation between professional touch and personal intimacy can be confusing and difficult.”While we can think that we could never be in this position as a therapist, is it possible that we could get too comfortable with our clients and find ourselves in a more intimate position (figurately speaking) than strictly therapist/client? Think about the first part of the quote. Massage violates the normal boundary that exists between people. It’s an event that happens in a therapeutic setting. Because of that, are we more responsible to be over cautious? Not knowing our client’s past, does that put us in a more serious position because we don’t know if they have suffered abuse before? Do we need to be more cautious with clients with a traumatic upbringing? Does that matter if we are keeping high professional standards for everyone? Take some time to think about this and write up your thoughts for submission. You can upload a document or type directly in the text box. If having tech issues please email your work to Marty at then type in the text box below that you emailed your response.Balancing, Week 7: Advanced Techniques Assignment
PDF of lecture: the lecture, Mario goes over some types of advanced therapies and techniques that are out there in the massage world. Your job for this assignment is to explore them. Take at least 2 of the therapies mentioned and find CE courses that are offered with those techniques. Find at least 3 different resources for taking these kinds of classes. Compare the information on their websites.Do they use a lot of buzz words to advertise their classes?Did the way they presented what they offer interest you? Why or why not?Do you notice a difference in pricing? Does that change your opinion on the value of the classes?What about the social media presence behind the company, school or person? Does that make you think more of less of the classes?Do you think they offer truly advanced techniques?If they offer “certification”, do you think it is a worthwhile avenue to pursue?Are you leaning towards any classes you discovered? Tell us about it.
Riding, Week 2: The Importance of Touch Assignment
For this assignment, you will choose to explore either to listen to the Dr. Linden talk or read the interview with Dr. Pert. (If you’re feeling frisky, you can do both.) Reflect on what you heard/read in terms of your experience, the lecture on emotional boundaries and write up a couple of paragraphs of what you found interesting and why. There’s no right or wrong, but please put some thought into it.
Dr. Linden’s talk Dr. Pert’s interview
Sinking, Week 6: Communications Assessment (transference)
After listening to the lecture and learned more about transference and reading the article here. think about your life. Have you ever experienced transference or countertransference in your life? Maybe in a work environment or some personal relationships? How did you navigate that in your life? if you don’t think you have, think about what kinds of scenarios may happen in your practice. How do you plan on dealing with that? Tell us about it.