Does the literature contain theoretical and empirical review?

Ambo UniversityWoliso CampusMBA ProgramFundamentals of Project Management CourseIndividual Assignment (20%)Instruction: Review the given Project Management article using the following guidelineGuide line for Article Review(Please note that, it does not mean this is the only guideline for article review; rather it is given for the sake of uniformity & fair evaluation!!)11 peer-reviewed journal articles are provided for you to review and submit a maximum of five pages report of the review. The review should include:A) Description of the Study What was the purpose of the research? Why was the research conducted (significant)? Were the research questions, objectives or hypothesis (es) clearly stated?B) Literature and conceptualization (conceptual framework) Does the literature contain theoretical and empirical review? Does the paper frame the researchable relationship in an understandable conceptual model?C) Methodology Briefly describe the research design Who the target population Was the sampling method and the sample size appropriate? Why? Any selection bias in sampling and representativeness? Does the article you selected have a model specification? If yes, is the specified model congruent with the conceptual framework? If no, what went wrong? What method of data analysis did the author(s) use? Is it appropriate?D) Results What are the key findings of the study? Do the results answer the research questions or achieve the objectives? Are there any study limitations discussed?E) Conclusion and recommendation (implication) Does the study make concrete conclusions? What were the implications of this study to practitioners? How does the study contribute to the body of knowledge? What future/further questions does the study strike?Note: Please do the review and submit your reportDeadline date will be announced soon
january 10/2022