Does the six second Wattbike test show sensitivity to fatigue

Lecturers comment about my research proposal bellow
Hi Andrei, these are my comments:
The scenario of research topic and research questions have been developed a little better now. Although the purpose of the study needs more focus. There are different things put together with not much cohesion.The research design is vague, you are still unclear about how the study is organised. At the end of the section, what do you mean by “Once there are adequate levels of data, the data will be assessed by the researcher…” What is ‘adequate levels of data’?Similarly, the statistical analysis is incorrect, it’s not an ANOVA, you are comparing two conditions pre/post. When we met in person in UCD we spoke in some detail about the statistical analysis, I even suggested what I would have done. It’s disappointing to see you are still struggling with it. You also need to think about how you are going to examine the sensitivity of the Six Second WattBike Test compared to more established tests.Advantages/disadvantages of the design should have been articulated more. I don’t know what the first disadvantage means to be honest. I have mentioned something along those lines during our meeting, but I can’t make sense of what you have written, sorry.Literature review. If you look at the guidelines, ‘search strategy’ should be ‘Key words used in your search, types of data base searched’. There is none of that information in your search strategy section. This is really a matter of reading the guidelines, it shouldn’t be too difficult.I’m not sure how you searched the literature. You retrieved a total of 185 papers, however if I input two of your key words – ‘Rugby and fatigue’ – into Google Scholar I get 41,000 references! I warned you in an email that the key words I suggested during our meeting should have been thought out a little more for this reason. Then if I input ‘rugby and fatigue and CMJ or countermovement jump or vertical jump’ I get an additional 2460 references. Etc. The question is, how did you get 185 references??Your assignment is still below standard for an MSc, however I can see a slight improvement from the first submission, therefore you have passed the module, just about.Be advised though, you really need a step up for the dissertation. As you know it is a 6000-word independent piece of research written in the format of a journal article. You need to show the ability to review the literature, create a rationale for the study, present the results in a meaningful way and discuss them using critical thinking.