Does your audience consist of people from a particular demographic or background?

Your assignment is to create two-page research proposal where you select a current social issue, conduct preliminary research, and explain the overall purpose of your project. A fully developed paragraph should be 6-8 sentences. Your research proposal should include the following components and be organized in the manner detailed below:In your first two paragraphs, you should identify your social issue, give some brief historical information about your issue, and explain your primary argument or purpose for exploring your issue. In short, briefly describe your selected issue, give your readers some context as to how and when this issue originated, and then tell your main goal or reason for exploring the issue.In your third paragraph, you should explore why your topic is important and the target audience for your work. Here you are to explain why others should care about your topic and identify a specific audience who may be interested in learning about your issue. Does your audience consist of people from a particular demographic or background? People who have had a particular experience? Be sure to note here why you have selected that specific audience.In your fourth paragraph, you should describe two or three key points or aims as related to your primary purpose. What do you wish to discover by doing this research? What do you want your audience to learn? Is your goal to influence their beliefs, values and/or behaviors? Explain your goal in a clear and detailed way.In your last paragraph, you are to create an annotated bibliography entry for one source you may use in your project. This source must come from one of the Shepard Library databases. In this entry, you are to give the full MLA Works Cited citation for the source along with the following information:One to two sentences summarizing the main idea of the source.One to two sentences evaluating the credibility of the source. (Focus on the credentials of the authors or the quality of the publishing source.)One to two sentences reflecting on how the source will be used to support your project’s main purpose.