Domestic and foreign

4.1 Discussion Assignment – Domestic and Foreign Governmental Issues70 Points Total. Initial post (50 pts) due Day 5 (11:59 CT), Replies (20 pts) due Day 7 (11:59 CT)Part 1 Initial Post Due by Day 5 (11:59, CT) of Week 4 (50 pts)
Conduct research regarding the manner in which varying domestic and foreign governments govern supply chain and logistics issues. Resources contained in the Bellevue University Online Library Database System are highly recommended.Create a formal business report to your current supervisor (or a past supervisor). This report will compare and contrast how one domestic and one foreign government governs a specific supply chain and logistics issue. Include in your report your thoughts as to advantages each government has over the other. Conclude your report with your thoughts as to what your organization can learn from your report.If domestic or foreign governance over supply chain and logistics issues is not a topic of consideration for your current or past organization, complete this assignment as if you did work for an organization for which domestic or foreign governance was relevant.Your answer should be at least 500 words in length (double-spaced). Use APA guidelines, including a cover page, citations, and references.