Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Laws

Investigate your state’s laws for domestic violence/intimate partner violence. (Please research it in the Utah Code,
Write a 3-4 page paper (APA format) on your findings. Be sure to address the following items:* Include information you learned from chapter 9 of your textbook. (I have attach some pages regarding this subject in chapter 9 of my book. I hope you can find some value information in there.)Textbook: Crime Victims an Introduction to Victimology, Tenth Edition, by Karmen.
From your State Code (reference specific law)* How is domestic violence/intimate partner violence defined?* Who can be a victim?* Who can be an offender?* What are the warning signs of someone in a domestic violent/intimate partner violent relationship?* What are the prescribed punishments for committing domestic violence/intimate partner violence?* What can you do to be a part of the solution to end domestic violence/intimate partner violence?