E Commerce for Information Systems

A3: Project Assignment Part 3The project assignment is an excellent learning tool and way to develop analytical and presentation skills. With this part of the project, you will be meeting the following learning outcomes:Describe the key factors attesting the online publishing and entertainment industriesDescribe the various types of social networks, auctions, and portals.Discuss the history, benefits, and challenges of B2B e-commerce.Design and apply new business models, services, operations, and processes for doing e-commerce.Assignment: You have selected an idea for an e-commerce startup from a list provided by your instructor, who will act as the business owner for answering questions related to the concept. The business owner (your instructor) has sought you out for help to define the proposed startup. Your assignment is to create an initial business proposal as outlined below:Part 1: Chapter 10 of the textbook discusses how technological change has affected the online content, publishing, and entertainment industries. Select three of the changes affecting these industries that most closely affect your proposed startup and discuss whether they are an opportunity or a threat, and how you suggest that your proposed startup manage them.Part 2: Chapter 11 discusses social networks, online auctions, and e-commerce portals. Select which platform most closely aligns or enhances your proposed startup and discuss how it should be incorporated into your business model .Part 3: Chapter 12 of the textbook discusses B2B e-commerce. Discuss a B2B tie-in with your proposed startup and how it should be incorporated into your business model .Collate the above sections into a single, cohesive proposal, Each section should be between 1-2 pages, with the entire document between 4-7 pages, including cover sheet and reference section. The document should also contain a conclusion.Organize your proposal in the following sections:Cover sheet – Name of the startup and date of proposal.Introduction – Brief overview of the startup and the proposal.Individual sections – Technology Opportunities and Threats, Social Platforms, B2B Tie-In.Conclusion – Summarize the relevant conclusions of the proposal.Resources – List the sources researched for this proposal. Ensure that the resources are also properly cited in the body of the work.The proposal should be submitted in a Word document, 4-7 pages in length, typed in double-space, in 10- or 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. The page margins on the top, bottom, left side, and right side should be 1 inch each. Use the APA guidelines for writing and citations. Resources listed in the Resources section without an accompanying citation in the body of the work will not be accepted.